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La Maison
Les Duex Bleu

Tahoe City CA | 4,300 SF

Buffington Construction

Residential design+build
September/October 2012

Ethan Rohloff Photography

This “House of the Two Blues” salutes both the near and far blues that are separated yet connected by the fine horizontal sliver of 11,000’ peaks along Lake Tahoe’s south shore. The owner and guests often toast the “les deux bleus” from the sprawling south-facing deck with wine from the subterranean cellar. Two reverse dormers flank the unique wood-and-steel truss-lined living room.

The owner, a roofing contractor has clad the fascias and roofs of these structures in weathering copper. This custom home required a mix of steel moment frames, manufactured lumber, custom trusses, custom hidden connections, and high retaining walls to optimize the steep site and to exploit the Lake Tahoe views.